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During the 2022-2023 school year, our establishment will be moving to Chavannes-sur-Reyssouze in the countryside of Mâcon, with residential life and the production of the land. This framework is the Montessori Prepared Environment for the Adolescent: an inspiring place, rich in opportunities for study and work while developing the personality through life in the community. 

This next phase has received the accredition from the French National Educationand continues to allow for the preparation of both the Brevet and Baccalaureat exams.

our establishment

The Centre for Study and Work is an adolescent community ranging from 12-18 years old in an environment that has been prepared for the building of their economic and social independence and for the development of a rich and solid culture.

The Montessori pedagogy favorizes engagement in work, cooperation, initiative, interest in culture and in sharing. By providing a framework for the expression of an individual in the process of constructing his own thought process, the adolescent will find here a favorable environment in order to develop his potential and social personality. This development occurs by the adolescent relying on both his capacities and on mutual aid which strongly characterizes this age group.


A visit in photos


Le Mollard-Gaillard is a typical Bressan farm with a well that abounds in water throughout the whole year provided by the Reyssouze river, which runs through the Dombes and Bresse plains, rejoining the Saone River.


Le Mollard-Gaillard is the "Brave little hill", where one can observe, contemplate, work and cooperate together.


It is a place where history has been written little by little throughout the generations by the changing ways of life and production.

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